In 1989 God supernaturally visited John E. Sagoe some- where in Lagos, Nigeria in a bus, while he was highly intoxicated with Marijuana. He had an open vision of a mega ministry with over 10’000 people and God spoke to him and said: “I want you to build this for me!” Immedi- ately he was sober. From Pastor John’s conversion, start- ing with this divine encounter, he was carried into the presence of God, understanding the supernatural better and starting to hear God’s voice, which ultimately led into the prophetic ministry. He then embarked on a journey for several years where God transformed and prepared him. So he served in Royal House Chapel Int. in Ghana under the leadership of Rev Sam K. Ankrah, who became his spiritual father and prophet. He also went to bible school in South Africa and served there in a Vineyard church and later for a few years even in Vineyard Bern in Switzerland. In 2002 the Lord led him to London for a retreat to a mega ministry of several thousand mem- bers, where God spoke to him again and said: “Now is the time. Go to Biel, Switzerland and start this ministry I have called you to build.” He came back to Switzerland and started to gather people in Biel. In 2003 the movement was birthed.