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Shining Ladies
Welcome to Shining Ladies

Arise, shine for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.

Isaiah 60:1-2 (NIV)

God didn’t create us women just by the way, but we have a great assignment in life. Our vision is to come out of ourselves as women, and to understand why God has created us.

It’s a place where queens meet.

It’s for every woman who wants to grow in the Lord.

We come together regularly and have fellowship with breakfast.
In our gatherings we hear some amazing teachings and pray together.

We are always strengthened and refueled after our meetings.


When the ladies meet, we take time to discuss about our personal needs. Sometimes it is difficult to find somebody to transparently share our problems with. Shining Ladies is there to have an open ear, to motivate, to encourage us and to help us discover our own vision in life.

You are very welcome to join!

Yes, please send me the details about how I can join…

This ministry is currently not available and will be resumed at a later date. Upcoming events & information will be published on this page.

What we pursue


Where ever there are people, there are tendencies of misunderstandings. Women are emotional and therefore it is good for us ladies to have a place, where we can participate in open discussions about relevant topics as well as promoting unity in the church.

In our Shining Ladies gatherings, we create an atmosphere for questions and answers and easy discussions about topics that will help both younger and older women to overcome different personal as well as cooperate challenges.

Men are not our girl friend

As a woman, there is a real need to speak about women issues, which in turn mainly takes women to understand.
The idea that it can be easier to get along with men than with other women is no reason to neglect sisterhood.
There can be real deep disappointments when men don’t always respond the way we need it at the time.
Some issues just need a sisterhood’s approach and then it gets easier.


Shining Ladies is a place where we share the Word of God, acquire wisdom and encourage each other. Even though there is no sense of gender in heaven or in spirituality, yet on earth we are mandated as women to help each other and support the calling of each other to fulfill our God given assignment (See the book of Ruth for example).

Being a blessing

We can delight in our femininity and fully be ourselves to carry out the assignment God has given to us whilst being a blessing to our church community, our families and the society at large.
Let us help each other to continue to fight the good fight of faith and to do good here on earth.

Empowering others

God has used women gatherings to do significant things that sometimes will not be seen or manifest in the general church. Therefore, it’s a place where we empower one another to celebrate our womanhood, reach out and make a difference in our church and beyond.

Yes, please send me the details about how I can join…