Next Steps

Next Steps

Next Steps

Learn the How

Learn how to follow Jesus
and what you must do.

When you decide to receive Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior, there are guidelines to follow in order to get the best start in your new life with God. Learn the early most important steps to follow in order to be successful in your Christian walk. How you begin matters.

Grow in Faith

growing belongs to life

We are made to develop, to learn and to grow daily. We are not meant to stagnate in life or even go backwards. God is a God of progress and moving forward from glory to glory. So can you. We have several options for you to grow and develop in our ministry. We believe in strong people and maturity. Become the best version of you.

Start the process

Need Restoration?
Let us take you through the Process.

When your soul suffers and your heart is broken and your life looks like it is falling apart. If there are spiritual issues, which cannot be solved by a mere physical approach. Sometimes it is necessary to get somebody to help one back up on their feet into a life of freedom. Not everyone has been born into a bubble bath full of grace. We just want you to know that there is a way out. Don’t hesitate to take this lifehook.

Leadership through service

Start Serving

No one grows like when he/she serves the body of Christ. In our Church/Movement we encourage everyone to serve God with their gifts. No service is too small, no service is too big. No matter where you start, you give God the chance to use the little you give Him, to do something big out of it. Serving others also brings fulfillment and joy, supporting every process of leading out of depression and all kinds of soulish problems. Serving others unlocks the blessings of God.