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Prayer Decrees for 2024

Take your prayers to a higher level and come back into your full authority in
the Kingdom of God

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This Weekend


Night of Worship
Night of Worship
Special Event
On Friday, 7 June, we will celebrate a night of worship. We will meet from 19-23.30 in the NIC Basel to honour God together with praise and go deeper in prophetic worship. Take all your weekend joy with you.


PUSH Weekend 2024
PUSH Weekend 2024
Welcome to the PUSH Weekend Conference 2024 with the topic 'His Voice'. A prophetic weekend, with the worship band Alive and NIC Worship Band. Visit our website for more information: www.pushweekend.com


Prayer brings change, prophetic prayer and intercession
Prayer brings Change - Prophetic prayer & intercession
Welcome to our church service Prayer brings change, Fridays at 7.00 pm. We dive deeper into the presence of God through prophetic prayer, intercession & worship. Come with an open heart.


Inner Healing Workshop
In July 2023, we successfully launched our very first inner healing workshop. From the very first module, inner healing & deliverance has taken place in the lives of the participants. Participants from our Inner Healing Workshop 23/24 share here what they experienced with God: www.innereheilung.com


Prophetic Focus May
Anointing - is our prophetic topic for the month of May. Find the detailed prophetic Focus of May for download here.
Download here:


God's Kingdom
Prophetic Focus of the Year 2024
God's Kingdom - is our prophetic topic for the Year 2024. Find the detailled prophetic Focus of the Year 2024 for download here soon.


We believe that prayer is the key to everything. A praying Christian is a powerful Christian. The only way you can change anything in this world lies in the foundation of prayer and therefore we are teaching and imparting prayer, the faith that goes along with it and Gods guidance for our lives and ministry, which is the result of it. Power and anointing come from a lifestyle of prayer and we believe if you are around us for some time, you will be imparted.


Our dream is to release as many people as possible into their God given assignment in this generation. This school is one of a kind with the best of the best speakers to empower you to be the best you can be. Learn to hear God for yourself as well as for ministry. Receive impartation as you grow in knowledge and wisdom and understanding. Become Gods ambassador here on earth, doing what you see the father in Heaven do.

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